Human Resources

The fundamental objective of our Human Resources Department is to provide a service that suits the needs of our clients, while keeping in mind that the human potential of our companies is the most important asset that we have.  This department was formed by specialized psychologists, who will help your team run more efficiently every day, adapting to the real needs of your company.

Our fundamentals are:

  1. Personal Selection
  2. Professional evaluation and assessment.  We professionally evaluate each person to the core to recognize their attitudes, aptitudes and potential in respect to their position
  3. Study of the work climate. The objective of this study is to become acquainted with the environment that exists within the company, as well as evaluate the distinct factors that determine the relationship between the person and the company. So we can establish lines of action to improve the weaknesses and identify the strengths identified within the study
  4. Formation. Teaching training courses related to human resources, so that the organization and management of formative projects function at their highest capacity for our clients