New types of withholding payslip 2015

The withholding rates applicable from July 12th 2015 have changed. Among the most common, withholdings for rentings reduce from 20 to 19.5 % and withholdings regarding professionals (general) reduce from 19 to 15 %.

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New payslip 2015

It responds to the new format set by the Government and includes new information and more details about the salary that workers receive and the contributions which are made to Social Security.

Companies and freelancers have until 12th May 2015 to adapt to these new rules and change the payslip.

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Remuneration of Directors

In accordance to the law Law 31 / 2.014 enacted on the 3rd of December, “the modification of the Corporations Act for the improvement of corporate governance” changes the compensation system administrators. This legislative amendment came into force in January 1 2015, and must be agreed upon at the first meeting following that date.

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Electronic Billing

The law 25/2013 enacted on the 27th of December regarding “Promotion and creation of electronic invoicing and the creation of billing records in the public sector “, explains the obligations and regulations for the use of electronic invoicing in the public sector.  The law also requires the use of electronic billing starting January 15, 2015.

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