About Us

PROASA SEVILLA was founded by Mr. Santiago Nunez Guillemin en 1956. We are a purely Spanish firm dedicated to the integral advising of businesses and institutions, with a widespread presence in Seville and Andalucía.

PROASA SEVILLA is an important team made up of professionals (lawyers, economists, psychologists, social graduates and information technicians, etc.) specializing in various sectors of judicial advising.

The prestige, experience and quality of the distinct services we offer, have helped us support and advice more than 500 businesses and institutions that we advise on a permanent basis.

The personal and individualized treatment of our clients, along with the speed and quality of our responses, are vital to our distinguished position in the advising market.

The trajectory of PROASA SEVILLA, shows the we are a “Living Business” whose strengths lie in growing and adapting to the rhythm of our clients. This methodology was designed with the needs and typology of each client in mind, and takes into account that each and every client is an individual, unique and of vital importance to our business.

Collaboration” is the key philosophy in our office. We know that the best results are obtained through well executed work.

A personal connection gives us a better understanding of our clients and their individual circumstances, which leads to better long-term results. Due to this, we have developed a wide variety of professional services, all of which are dedicated to satisfying the particular needs of our clients.

In correspondence with our desire to maintain our position of prestige, we are currently headingthe position of advising entities in Andalucía; we possess the Certificate of Quality of the Normative ISO 9001.

Our dedicated lawyers who specialize in administrative, fiscal, and labor law are involved in over 50 contentious and administrative procedures every year.